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Pension B&B Sunnhofer | Vilpian | South Tyrol


South Tyrol is a paradise for cyclists and offers a variety of breathtaking routes for every taste. Embedded between majestic Alps and Mediterranean flair, unforgettable cycling adventures await you here. Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or prefer leisurely bike tours, there is something for every cyclist here. The region has a well-developed network of cycle paths that lead through picturesque villages, green vineyards and along clear rivers.

For cycling enthusiasts

The flat Adige Valley is ideal for easy bike tours, perfect for young and old. Along the Adige Cycle Path and through apple orchards between Bozen and Meran, the area offers a wonderful experience, especially in the blooming spring. For enthusiastic mountain bikers, the surrounding mountains such as Tschögglberg, Regglberg, Mendelkamm and Ritten are a true Eldorado. The cycle tour Vilpian – Terlan – Nalls – Andrian is also very popular.

Via Claudia Augusta

Emperor Claudius built the Via Claudia Augusta, the first road over the Alps which connected the Adriatic port Altinum with the Danube. Along the cycle route Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient cultural and trade route of the Roman Empire comes to life again. Cyclists can experience an unforgettable mix of landscapes, bustling towns, tranquil villages, hundreds of testimonials to a rich history and their cultures. In addition, tempting delicacies from the kitchen and the cellar are waiting for you!

And if you do not have a bike with you...

… it is absolutely no problem! There are three convenient options available:

  • Free bike rental at the B&B Sunnhofer
    For cyclists we offer our free bike rental .
    For guided bike tours you find more information at South Tyrol Bike Guide
  • Bike rental at Tobike in Nals (1.5 km distance)
  • South Tyrol Bike rental at different train stations